Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday and Beyond 2014

~ Discounts on all strings and new accessories. These discounts will start at 25% on Friday. With each day, these discounts will decrease as days pass (20% of Saturday, 15% on Monday, etc. through Wednesday) so come in early and take advantage of them while they're available.

~ We also have a list of in stock shop owned items that will have specific individual discounts through next Friday.

Those items will be found in their own album on Facebook for the duration of their discounts. We've started making those rearrangements but will not be complete until first thing Friday. We will post a link for preview purposes a little bit later today. The specific item discounts will only apply to immediate purchases of those items. We cannot apply these discounts to trade ins, and we will be applying a universal 10% off in layaway situations. If you see anything in the album that you're interested in and the new prices have not yet been added (I'm going off of memory, I do not have the list on hand right now), please send us a message or email, and you'll be first to know.

~ Anyone that purchases a consignment item between Black Friday and the following Friday will be given a card that entitles them to 5% off a shop owned purchase between December 8th and January 31st.

~ Setups and maintenance offerings will also have a 25% discount until next Friday.

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