Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A little different: If Birds Could Fly GoFundMe

All (five of you) that have seen this blog, however briefly, will know that we typically use this to feature new and featured products, events, and various in store events and promotions. This time, we're posting something a little different.

Enter Appalachia, VA band, If Birds Could Fly.

These guys are a Thought Lot favorite, one that is gaining a lot of traction in terms of musical recognition, and recently found themselves on the soundtrack for Big Stone Gap. An Americana act at heart, with clear influences from elsewhere along the genre spectrum, they tour extensively, ending up in places well outside of Appalachia to share their music with new audiences across the country.

But, with touring comes standard expenses: gas, food, vehicle maintenance, etc. And oftentimes, the cost of supporting the music you create, those general necessities for life on the road, takes away from your ability to produce new material. Studio time is a real investment, both financially and, well, in time. So, on October 23rd, IBCF introduced a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for recording equipment so they can do it themselves to release more.
"As a touring band funds are limited and studios can be pricey, so we are trying to raise $3000 for recording equipment of our own (software, mics, cables, studio speakers, preamps, etc.) If we are able to meet our goal this would mean we would be able to release music more often in the form of albums, singles, videos, EP's, etc."
Now, no one said the DIY approach to recording was any easier or, at least in the short term, cheaper. But this is oftentimes the route of the independent artist, and we are advocates for this particular method, for musicians of any caliber. An equipment investment and some time learning the process for yourself after some trial and error, could pay for itself in time. And, in this case in particular, it helps that the material to be recorded is sure to be high quality.

And hey. We've worked with these guys from behind the sound board previously when they stopped at The Thought Lot, and they're really great people, on top of great musicians. They work incredibly hard to continue doing what they love, bringing you new music, and as we've seen with, for example, Protest the Hero in an attempt to take control of their own process, a little extra contribution on the part of the fans (collectively exceeding $300,000 in a month's time) is one way to ensure that they can continue.  Everyone loves a "follow your dreams" story, right?

Click the link to check out the GoFundMe campaign for more info >> click!

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