Monday, October 5, 2015

Popular on Ace Music Academy - September 2015

Ron Block: A Fresh Look at Bluegrass Banjo

There aren't many banjos players more widely heard, or who have performed before more people, than Ron Block. Working with Alison Krauss & Union Station since 1991, Ron's distinctive banjo sound has become nearly as much a part of the group sound as Alison's voice. Ron has taught in a limited number of worshops, but this is his first instructional DVD of any kind, offering a detailed look at his unique approach to the banjo.

This new 3 hour and 45 minute release from AcuTab features Ron explaining the concepts and techniques which make up his banjo style, carefully explained and demonstrated on camera. The stylistic elements are reinforced in both discussion and demonstration, and the 7 songs and solos Ron teaches in great detail. Read more here...

David Grisman Teaches Mandolin (6 CDs + Book Set)
Includes 6 CDs worth of instructional material and a book of chords and lyrics.
Take lessons from a true mandolin master and take your playing in new and exciting directions! Once dubbed "The Paganini of the Mandolin" by the New York Times, David Grisman is an innovative and creative musician who has inspired a whole new genre of acoustic string instrumental music. He and his band, The David Grisman Quintet, have consistently won polls and awards, and headlined at jazz, folk and bluegrass festivals around the world. Read more here...

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