Saturday, July 2, 2016

4th of July Sale

Hey guys! We'll be participating in the Reverb 4th of July sale this weekend, so we decided to make an event page to keep you up to date on it. We're doing our best to get caught up with as many items we can online, and this seems like a perfect opportunity to do it. Selected items will be 15% off. The sale will last from July 1st through the 4th. We'll update periodically with items added.

What you need to know:
To take advantage of this sale, you'll need to put in a coupon code in the checkout process. The code is 15JULY. Don't forget!

That said, if you're local, you have two options. You can go through Reverb and choose local pickup as your shipping option (recommended option, since you'll be able to do this Sunday and Monday.) OR if you see something you like, come in on Friday or Saturday, let us know you saw the item on our Reverb sale, and we'll honor the discount shown.

This sale will not apply to every item we have on Reverb right now, but we're working on getting a majority of items on there applicable.

Also! If you have not yet signed up for Reverb, you can get $10 off your first site purchase by signing up off this link:
Yes, it's a referral link, yes we get a matching discount. We're musicians, too, you know.

Our store can be found here:

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